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About Andy

Andy Hann is an impressive and talented creative bigshot. He is also modest, so he had his friend write this bio. Remember cable and broadcast television? Andy enjoyed a 30 year career working in entertainment marketing and branding - creating animated titles, directing on-air commercials, and helping to launch numerous TV brands. His clients have included; ABC, HBO, E!, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Food Network, A&E, Game Show Network, VISA, and UFC Gyms, to name a few. He is also the most creative and hardworking person I have ever met. It’s true. Don’t take my word for it, he’s won lots of awards for his work. No, I can’t remember them offhand, but ask him if you’re chatting. It’s a good icebreaker. 

Where was I?  Oh yeah, Andy. 

One day Andy got bored with all the awards and accolades. He picked up a camera and has been shooting ever since. Andy took the same passion and diligence he put into his stellar creative career and poured it into studying the masters – Avedon, Penn, and Stern. Andy shot tirelessly with the enthusiasm of a young art student, and photography has become an obsession.

Hire him before he gets expensive.


Andy’s friend Bob

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